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A consistent vision and high-quality materials from start to finish for your home remodel or commercial renovation


One team to bring your design and remodel vision to life

Through well-developed relationships with trade partners, East Coast Construction provides one cohesive team for every step of the process. By utilizing this team approach throughout the design and construction phases, East Coast Construction is able to minimize our client’s risk, control project costs, and reduce the delivery schedule. This design-build process puts the client first for a less stressful and more efficient process. There is one firm, one contract, and one integrated flow of work from design inception to project completion. By reducing the client’s points of contact to one team, we’re able to deliver a better end result with excellent communication and client experience during each phase of the project.

What to expect from our proven design-build process

East Coast Construction strives to make this process as easy for the client as possible. Through countless projects, we’ve seen our design-build process achieve greater results with less stress for our clients time and time again.


Here’s what you can expect during the design and planning phase:

  • Initial Consultation
    Whether you’re interested in a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, addition, outdoor kitchen design, or commercial renovation, our team sits down with you to understand your goals, including how you use the space, inspiration for the desired aesthetic, and your overall vision for the project.
  • Preliminary Design and Project Cost Range
    It’s important that we have the same vision for the space as our client does. That’s why we draft a preliminary design at the very beginning of the project. Along with an estimated range of the project cost, these preliminary steps help ensure a successful project from the onset.
  • Design Partnership Agreement
    The Design Partnership Agreement is the contract that details the budget, timing, and deadlines for materials selection. The Agreement is delivered via email in a PDF.
  • Development of Existing Conditions and Project Design Alternatives
  • Design Revisions and Materials Selection
    Since it has likely been 2-3 weeks since our initial conversation and the preliminary designs were reviewed, we revisit the designs to make sure the project design is still aligned with your vision for the space. Then comes material selection where your vision comes to life. Our sister company, Studio 4 Showroom, carries a wide range of high-quality materials from well-known and trusted brands.
  • Final Design Approval
    With the materials selected, we’ll seek your final approval of the design before we move on to the construction phase.
  • Construction Contract
    Similar to the Design Partnership Agreement, the Construction Contract includes all of the details of the construction phase including cost, timing, and phases of the construction process.


Here’s what you can expect during the construction phase:

  • Project Initiation
    On the first day of the project, you’ll meet our team and we’ll begin work to prepare the space for the new vision including removing unwanted existing materials and taking steps to preserve what you would like to keep, including protecting floors that we’ll walk on frequently as we bring in materials and equipment.
  • Ongoing Construction Updates
    We provide timely and frequent updates throughout the project so you’re aware of what has been achieved so far and what’s next.
  • Project Completion
    The work is complete and we leave you to enjoy your new space.
  • Completed Project Consultation
    We value feedback from our clients. During this final consultation, we’ll gather feedback from you and answer any questions you may have.


We’ve seen many advantages to our design-build process:

  • Reduced Financial Risk
    Eliminates the risk of paying for complete drawings that don’t fit within your budget once construction costs are determined. The project is designed to fit within your investment comfort range. Problem-solving is completed during the design phase, not during construction when they can become more costly.
  • Efficiency
    Allows for a shorter, smoother construction process.
  • Accountability
    East Coast Construction maintains complete accountability for your project at all times.
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